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Terms & Condition

Terms-and-ConditionsYou are agreeing to be bound by these website terms and conditions of use by accessing this website.

We have service agreement before initiating any service to the concerned client.

We will start working on your project soon after finalizing a mutually agreed proposal and having the money deposited by you after you give assent to the proposal presented by us.

The terms and conditions are generally for website design & development, software development, website hosting, domain registration, internet marketing and all the work undertaken by our company for its clients.

The client has to choose among the packages of services provided by Alina International and has to abide by the terms and conditions provided for a smooth dealing.

The client can extend our services after the completion of the packages they have opted for.

All our payment options are flexible where our esteemed clients can opt to pay quarterly, half-yearly or less in order to avail services for 3 months, 6 months or 1year.

The money cannot be refunded in the middle of the service.

Payment once made shall not be refunded unless there are any circumstances as in our refund policy.

You will have to provide all the materials and information required by us in order to complete the work and any inordinate delay in providing them can result in disruption of work.

We have the sole rights to invoice you for any parts of the work already completed in case of any disruption of work due to lackadaisical approach of yours.

We are not liable if you fail to cooperate with us in providing the useful information and materials in order to complete your project timely.

Any offense against the terms and conditions of the company can lead to discarding the service.

We may revise the terms of use for our website at any time without notice. By using this website, you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms and conditions of use.

As we know the nuances of SEO, we can guarantee you with a good ranking.

After your website is ready, you can reap the benefits and possess a valid license to use it.

Our company can’t be held responsible for any virus and malware attack to the website raised by the flaw of the hosting service provider.