AdWords App For Android Now Supports Universal App Campaigns

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February 8, 2016
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February 8, 2016

AdWords App For Android Now Supports Universal App Campaigns

New conversion columns are also available in the latest Android update.


The Google AdWords app for Android now includes support for Universal App campaigns and features two new conversion columns.

App promoters can monitor their Universal App campaigns, which enable ad distribution across the Google ecosystem: search, the Play store, YouTube, AdMob and the mobile display network. Metrics like downloads and the average cost per install are available. App marketers can also adjust budgets and target cost per install from the app.

The new conversion columns available in the app show total conversion value and conversion value per cost.

The new features rolled out in the most recent update to the Android app, available in the Play store. Google released the iOS version of the AdWords app in January.

courtesy:- Search Engine Land

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